Heatlike the sun Difference between hagenuk-Therm infrared heaters and conventional infrared heaters I. infrared heating-devices heat substances (walls, ceilings, body, etc.) – as the sun, not the air (like conventional radiators). II. With the same cosy factor, the air temperature is colder by about 3°C – the natural infrared radiation is healthier and hypoallergenic (less allergic reactions, no mold) III. IR heaters hagenuk-Thermrequire approximately 40% less energy consumption than common infrared heaters. IV. The hagenuk-Therm Infrared heaters are technically based on the innovative CNT method (carbon nanotube) which we perfected over years of research and development. Due to this technologically base ,hagenuk-Therm Infrared heaters require significantly less energy than common IR-heaters. V. hagenuk-Therm works with about 30 W per square meter (standard Insulated walls), common IR heaters work with 60 – 90W per sqm. VI. hagenuk-Therm Infrared heaters work with a surface temperature of 55 ° – 75 °C, conventional infrared heaters work with partly up to 120 °C. VII. The heating-factor of an infrared heating-device is not induced by the heat of the surface, but by the efficiency of the infrared radiation substantially. By the new CNT- technology the infrared radiation of hagenuk-Therm infrared heaters is about 25% higher, which almost doubles the efficiency compared to conventional infrared heaters. VIII. The CNT technology is a quantum leap in technology – the first time that this heating method can consist consumption cost comparison with modern condensing boiler technologies – at significantly lower investments.